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2021Washington Ranch Youth Turkey Hunt

Thank you SCI for your continued support of youth hunting activities in Southeastern New Mexico. The Washington Ranch Youth Turkey Hunt was established three years ago to offer a premier turkey hunt with a Game Warden to New Mexico youth. With the support of SCI, this event has been a huge success. Our initial goal was to provide all hunters with the equipment they would need to continue to be able to hunt turkeys for years to come. With your gracious donation, we were able to equip the hunters (4) with shotguns, camouflage clothing, boots, hats, gloves, turkey calls, knives, shirts, among other items for the hunt. Thank You for Your Support!

Sgt. Josh Waldrip

Game Warden

Carlsbad Supervisory District

New Mexico Department of Game and Fish



Southern NM SCI proudly supports multiple projects including...

  • Wounded Warrior Hunt

  • YHEC of Eddie Co.

  • Hunters for the Hungry

  • and many more...

For more information or to provide a donation, click here.

Hunters Ed

Hunters Education

Using the Outdoors as a classroom, AWLS is a professional development program for educators.

Beyond BOW is a program developed specifically to introduce and teach adult women how to hunt.

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